Proud Owner with Mark Stanley
Trophies Won:
Osland Trophy (Best structural restoration) 2003.
Simonds Trophy (Best electrically powered craft) 2003.
Year Built:
Circa. 1890's
Builder unknown.
When Restored:
52ft Electric Cabin Launch.
Description of Renovation:
"Humble" was the nickname given to the grandmother of the Golding brothers, who ran a fleet of tripping boats out of Windsor from the late 1800's through to the 1980's. This beautiful launch has a long history and has been worked on by many Thames boatyards. She came to us looking very sad in the winter of 2001 and the painstaking work of removing every scrap of varnish inside and outside started. Seven coats of varnish later and the boat was back to her former glory.
The Golding Brothers Sad state of disrepair Golding's Grandson Out of the Workshops

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